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Sup! It’s time for an update to let you all know what’s going on!

First, let’s talk about the thing you all want to hear about most – the Snow Daze Bonus Day DLC!

We’re still working on the art, but we will have some awesome new stuff to show you – today in fact! We’ve got several new scenes redrawn and we’ll be showing them off as time goes on. Still no release date, but we’re working our butts off to give you the toppest tier quality of work that you could ever expect. This stuff will blow your mind – or at least the mind of the brainwashed girls in our games!

Second Hypnolab. We’re currently working on an update for the game. The current version on steam is newer than the one on, but that build (As well as previous builds to a lesser extent) has some critical issues on some platforms like the Oculus Rift S. As such, we’re putting together a new build and will update both platforms as soon as we can get it done! The issues ran deep, so we’ve got to remake a lot of the core of the game to make sure it works well on all platforms.

Third, we’ll have some new bonus art to show off soon! LittleMittens is a fun artist and has done a nice batch of new bonus art for both Overwhored and Kissing Therapy, so stay tuned for that!

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