Welcome to the Ivory Peaks Corporation! As our latest intern, you have been hired to assist the prestigious Dr. Kady Psyche with her experiments. Suggestion, hypnotism, even outright brain washing- the good doctor is an expert in such things and is more than happy to play the test subject!

What happened to the other interns? Don’t waste your time asking unnecessary questions, we’ve got SCIENCE to do!

Interact with your environment in first person as you explore her strange laboratory and conduct important scientific mind meltings.

*Ivory Peaks Corporation takes no responsibility for potential brain damage

  • Experiment With 7 Hypnotic Toys- gizmos, gadgets, and doodads galore!
  • Combine Hypnotic Effects- produce unexpected results!
  • Discover A Plethora Of Secrets- including hidden locations and objects!
  • Lose Your Mind- there’s enough to go around, hypnotize yourself too!

Get HypnoLabVR

HypnoLabVR $10

Lewd Science in a Spiral Filled Virtual Reality Lab!

Hypnolab: Branda Animation Demo

A short in game demo of some of the action in the upcoming adult strategy game Overwhored 2: Rise to Heaven